WHY Readymade Steel

Times are changing in the construction industry. The pressures on today’s construction industry continue to require innovative and refreshing solutions. Skill shortages, confined sites and demand for faster construction, all need clear thinking. Skill shortages are leading to new ways of working, project timescales are being squeezed and pressure on costs continue only to rise.


State of the Art Machinery

GRMS strongly believes in bringing cutting edge technology and we are collaborating with leading technology equipment manufacturers from Italy to be the equipment suppliers for the Rebar plant based on very close consideration of various factors.

All processes have imported machinery with high end technology and PLC based automation.


Product Profile

GRMS is in the business of supplying ready to use steel (Readymade Steel) made under factory conditions for all kinds of construction activities spanning across bridges, metro rail, airports, malls, buildings, factories etc. to the growing Infrastructure Industry. Our product profile includes-Pre-cut, bend bars, Stirrups, from 6 mm to 50 mm diameter.


Green Readymade Steel Products India Private Limited (GRMS) strongly believes that “green” is not just a colour but it is an environmental way of life in which an individual or groups of people have a commitment to utilize resources that are beneficial for the planet.

Our line of business of Rebar Processing is an environmental friendly concept which shall bring in a refreshing revolution to the Indian Construction Industry.

With GRMS, all the stakeholders shall experience a few dimensions that truly matters in the relationship – Character, Strength, Reliability, Value Enhancement, Transparency, Ethics and Integrity.